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Changing My Hairstyle

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that my hair was a little dated. I was kind of offended at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was right. I needed a change, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. I started doing a little research, and I was able to find an incredible salon near my house that offered what I was looking for. I made an appointment, and the hairstylist walked me through a litany of styles, colors, and accessories. This blog is designed to help people to learn more about what a spa or salon can do for you, so that you can change your look too.

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How To Change Your Look: Hair Color Treatment Options And More

Are you ready for a new 'do? You've had the same hairstyle and color for years—and it just doesn't work for you anymore. Whether your vibrant locks suddenly seem dull, you're not happy with the color, or you just want to change things up, take a look at what you need to know about professional hair color treatment, salon services, and your options.

Do You Need A Major Makeover Or A Tiny Tweak? 

It doesn't always take a major hair overhaul to make a noticeable difference. If you're not sure whether you need a completely new 'do (or color) or your tresses aren't ready for the full treatment, consider:

  • The length. Longer doesn't always equal better. If your hair weighs down or elongates your face, has inches of dead ends, or just doesn't fit your face and frame, a few inches can make a major difference in your appearance. 

  • The color. Is your current color a patchwork of pieces? Or, do you want a subtle change? The answers to these questions can help decide whether to go bold or stick with something subtle.

  • The look. Do you like, but not love, your look? If you answered "yes," you may not need a major upgrade. But if you're not happy with what you see in the mirror, a new cut, color, and style will have a dramatic impact.

Before you decide to turn your long layers into a chin-length bob or go from a natural brunette hue to a bold blond, talk to a professional stylist or colorist. The pro can help you to understand your options and guide you through the decision-making process.

Do You Want A Low-Maintenance Look?

A new style or color may look over-the-top amazing at the salon. But days later you are left to style and maintain your locks without the benefit of professional help. If you're not sure whether you can maintain the style of a new cut or you are willing to come into the salon for root touchups or regular color services, you may need to start with a simple change to your look or explore:

  • Balayage. This hand-painted highlight technique can transform your hair in a natural way that doesn't involve constant maintenance. The colorist won't need to start at the roots, making new growth almost unnoticeable.

  • A semi-permanent color. If you're not ready to make a full commitment to a new color, talk to your colorist about a semi-permanent option that washes out over time.

  • A realistic style. The cool cut you saw in a celeb's Instagram feed took a team of stylists to maintain. If you don't have pro-level skills, ask your stylist for a cut that won't require a flat iron, curlers, four different products, and hours to create.

Some styles may seem more complicated to maintain than they are in reality. Ask your stylist to help you choose a cut and color that meets your needs and is easy for anyone (of any skill level) to recreate.