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Changing My Hairstyle

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that my hair was a little dated. I was kind of offended at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was right. I needed a change, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. I started doing a little research, and I was able to find an incredible salon near my house that offered what I was looking for. I made an appointment, and the hairstylist walked me through a litany of styles, colors, and accessories. This blog is designed to help people to learn more about what a spa or salon can do for you, so that you can change your look too.

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Colored Eyelash Extensions

Colored eyelash extensions will enhance the appearance of natural lashes and draw attention to the eyes. A solid-colored lash type or an array of lashes that are designed to create an ombre effect can be applied during an appointment at a spa or salon.

The Consultation

If you have previously purchased artificial lashes that resemble your natural lashes, you may be accustomed to the methodical approach that your cosmetologist used to secure the lashes in between your natural lashes. The selection and installation of colored lashes may require more time and creativity on the part of your cosmetologist and yourself. First, your cosmetologist may inquire about the overall effect that you are trying to acquire.

Colored lashes can be used sparingly and serve as a contrast to your natural lash color or the color of your eyes. They can also be applied generously and used to conceal most of your natural lashes. If you will be wearing a costume or fancy clothing that you would like to accent with the use of colored extensions, your cosmetologist may recommend the use of some bright lash colors and long extension lengths.

If you are going to be wearing colored lashes on a daily basis and plan on keeping them attached while working or spending time in public, your cosmetologist may recommend a muted color or a shorter lash length that will be suitable to wear in both relaxed and business settings.

The Installation Of Colored Lashes

Because colored lashes will contrast with the hue of your natural lashes, a cosmetologist may take great care in creating a balanced look. The same amount of colored lash extensions will be installed on each eyelid. Your natural lash line is probably the same color as your natural lashes. Some adhesive products are carbon black or another dark shade. To prevent the disruption in the color of each artificial lash extension that will be installed, your cosmetologist may use a clear adhesive product.

If you have chosen an ombre design for the new lashes that you are purchasing, your cosmetologist may sort and organize all of the lashes that they will be installing. An ombre effect consists of a series of lashes that gradually darken or lighten in color. Lighter shades can be installed along one end of your lash line. As the cosmetologist continues installing the extensions, they will select from hues that are darker.