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Changing My Hairstyle

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me that my hair was a little dated. I was kind of offended at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was right. I needed a change, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. I started doing a little research, and I was able to find an incredible salon near my house that offered what I was looking for. I made an appointment, and the hairstylist walked me through a litany of styles, colors, and accessories. This blog is designed to help people to learn more about what a spa or salon can do for you, so that you can change your look too.

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Space-Related Considerations When You Look To Rent A Salon Suite

Renting a salon suite is an important first step in the process of getting your salon business up and running. Instead of renting a generic commercial space and spending money to turn it into a salon, look for something that is closer to a turnkey solution. It's a good idea to visit a number of these spaces so that you can decide which one best suits your needs. There are lots of things to consider during each visit, but one thing on which to focus is the amount of space that is available. Think about how you want your business to be, and then evaluate whether these spaces will be right for you.

Waiting Area

It's common for salon suites to have waiting areas that customers can use until their salon attendant is ready to see them. While it's important to choose a salon suite in which the waiting area is spacious, there are other things to consider. For example, it's ideal if this space is brightly lit with a window or perhaps even a skylight. This will help it to not only feel welcoming, but it may feel larger than it actually is. You'll find some waiting areas that are a short distance from the salon door instead of immediately next to it. The former scenario can be ideal in the winter, as your customers won't feel cold air every time someone opens the exterior door.


Salon suites will have a number of stations at which your employees can provide a variety of services for customers. In terms of space, you should assess how close these stations are set up to one another. Stations that are too close can create a cozy vibe, but they can also feel crowded and your employees may have to take care not to bump into one another as they move around. Conversely, if the stations are well spaced out from one another, your employees may feel more relaxed as they work.

Retail Area 

Many salons have retail areas in which they can place a number of self-care products for sale. The sale of these products can be another valuable revenue stream for a salon business. If you're thinking about offering products for sale, you want to choose a salon suite that has enough room for this part of your business. You'll not only want space to set up a number of display racks, but also enough square footage that multiple customers can easily browse this area before or after their appointments.